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In this part of my web site I give a summary of some of the ships that I worked on in my long carrier as a marine engineer. The 'links' below are not the links to the various employers, but to the next page, on which the details known to me are given, usually accompagnied by one or more pictures. Usually there are various stories about experiences on board or more pictures of the various places on this small globe we docked.

If there are sailors (or people just interested) who have or haven't sailed with me on board of one of the ships, I invite them to share their experiences with me (and you). Of course these also can be less pleasant experiences, because it wasn't always peace and quite if you live with a few man on a relative small floating object.
Ocean going tugs 'Noordzee', 'Rode Zee' and 'Poolzee' of Smit Internationale Zeesleep- en Bergingsbedrijf, 1975/76.

Ocean going tugboat
'Typhoon' of Wijsmuller, 1977.

Crane barge / pipe layer
'Orca' and 'Tolteca' of N.O.C. (Netherlands Offshore Company) , 1978 until 1980.

Trailing suction hopper dredger 'Hendrik Zanen' of Zanen Verstoep, 1980.

Ocean going tugs
'Shamal' - 'Sumatras' - 'Solano' - 'Santania' - 'Scirocco' of ITC (International Transport Contractors), 1980 until 1983.

Diving support vessel
'Shearwater Topaz' via Marbucon, 1983 until 1986.

'Lorelay' and 'Solitaire' of Allseas Marine Contractors, 1987 until 1995.
The following dredgers: 'Nautilus', 'Puerto de Altamira', 'Oranje' of Boskalis, 'Pieter' and 'Volvox Iberia' of van Oord ACZ, 'Lelystad' of Ballast Nedam, 'Delta Queen' of Blankevoort, 'Sif R' of R. Nielsen and 'Lange Wapper' and 'Nile River' of Dredging International, 1996, 1998 en 1999. 

Delivery trips for Damen Shipyards with harbour tugs
'Dolphin Mira' and 'Rio Toribio', in 1982 and 1999.

Workover Semisub
'Amethyst' of Workships, 1997.

Roro-freighter '
Spaarneborg' of Wagenborg, 2000.

ROV & Flexi/pipelayers
'Seaway Explorer', 'Discovery' an 'Seaway Kestrel' of Stolt Offshore in 2001, and Seaway Invincible in 2002

Some were not mentioned for lack of material, or it wasn't worth mentioning. Let me know when you have some info that I can use, so I can add that!

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